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285 W. Loop, Wheaton IL

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Atma Nambi
Returns to FHC!
atma nambi
Aug 10 - 13

New Course from
O&O Academy

S&S Source & Synchronicities
Nov. 11th & 12th


Our Community


Our members come from a broad range of traditions and spiritual backgrounds, and many first arrive here in the course of their searches for personal and spiritual fulfillment. They often continue to come to the Center because of the overall atmosphere of inclusion and trust that are encouraged in every aspect of the Flowering Heart Center.

Our Mission

Our Center's Mission is to create and hold a Sacred Space for community healing and transformation into
expanded Consciousness.

Rev. Kristin Panek


For more than a decade Rev. Kristin Panek, Spiritual Director of the Flowering Heart Center, has guided individuals and groups to tap into their authenticity and create more powerful connections with their higher selves, others in their lives, and with Divine Presence. She brings an amazing ability to hold sacred space in which change is allowed to occur, and to create it in her workshops and courses.

Kristin is licensed as a Guide by Shematrix, a collective of women who offer transformational weekend experiences for both Women and Men. She is a certified Oneness Trainer, and has completed courses in Fiji and at the Oneness University wcampus in India.

She has also completed a 500-hour Yoga Roots teacher training program and is an active Yoga teacher. Her classes include meditation, pranayama and asana practices. Kristin is accredited by The School of Natural Healing as a Master Herbalist, and is also a Reiki Master. She currently lives and works in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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