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centerOver the last several years our Center has become a safe, accepting and welcoming place of very deep Community connection, spiritual growth and healing, and has offered the possibility of meaningful personal transformation to people in the local community, across the midwest and around the globe.

temple To meet the expanding spiritual needs of the Community, we have begun an ambitious series of projects, including: (1) seeking zoning changes to permit more extensive use of the property to serve our Mission; (2) planning physical and structural modifications for use by a broader community and for expanded access and more robust "Americans with Disabilities Act" compliance; and (3) expanding the depth and range of service offerings to meet the evolving spiritual and personal connection needs of our growing Community.

homeThese undertakings will let us build and operate a center that serves the Community's broader needs for connection and spiritual development, BUT: they will take resources far beyond those currently available to us. We truly need your help.

sittingThis is a call to action! We’re asking you to become an active member of our Community by providing financial support for the many aspects of our growth plans that will help us meet the spiritual needs of those in the area, and to offer access to a broader population.

We are recognized as a Charitable Organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code!

As a result, your contributions to the Flowering Heart Center may be
-- subject to applicable provisions of federal and state laws --
retroactive to January 1st, 2013

(For general information on federal tax treatment of
Charitable Contributions, see IRS Publication 526.

Thank You for helping us bring this shared vision to life!
We deeply appreciate any contribution you may be moved to make in support of this important work.

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