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Thank you to the Flowering Heart community for rallying to bring in much-needed donations to keep the Center open!

In just over 2 months, we’ve raised $19,340 of our $40,000 goal; it's amazing that we're almost halfway there. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who worked to make this happen. The various events you all suggested and supported brought in a total of $3,800, and they also sparked individual donations of $15,100!

Events to date include: the Rummage Sale, Savers donations, the Chant-A-Thon, our GoFundMe page, Flowering Heart Fest, Akashic Record Reading Day, Heart Healing workshops, FHC Meditations at a local office space and last week’s Oneness Awakening Course. Details on what each event brought in are below; don’t forget that they also inspired people to make individual donations as well.

Many of the community members who stepped up to create and help run these events report that they felt more empowered and more a part of the community. They experienced in a much more powerful way what many of you experience when you help setup and cleanup before and after events. This is a great way to lift your spirits and bring more miracles into your life.

Progress to date

Our target was to raise $40,000, but given the passion of this community, we took out a loan of $20,000 to make up some of the difference and keep going while our search continues for a new location. We hope to find something for close to the rent we currently pay here ($2,500 a month). Though prices in the commercial rental market are generally much higher with fewer amenities included, we will be able to offer more events, which should help offset any rent increase.

Our basic expenses run just under $5,000 per month (including advertising, office supplies, fees for outside speakers, rent, supplies like flowers, water, tea, paper products and telephone service), without paying a salary to Kristin, our Spiritual Director, who works over 50 hours a week on FHC business. We continue to plan for a $60,000 annual salary. Additionally we need an Operations Manager, which would likely run at least $45,000 per year at current non-profit market rates.

While Kristin was not paid a salary this year, FHC did pay for half of her training expenses in India ($8,700, not included as part of “basic expenses”), which benefits the community through a large energetic boost and expanded knowledge of the evolving Oneness work and concepts. Because we believe very strongly in the benefits of spiritual growth training, FHC also paid $8,500 in 2017 for community members (especially young adults) to attend last summer’s Phenomenon and Gift weekend, which was taught by the senior Guides at Oneness University. In this way our members receive many of the benefits realized by those actually attending courses in India.

The work of Shematrix

Some of you have asked about FHC’s relationship with Shematrix, especially since Kristin recently worked and trained with them in Australia for a month. Shematrix is legally a “for-profit” business and must be kept strictly separate from FHC’s business in order to maintain FHC’s status as a non-profit entity. For these reasons, Shematrix does sometimes rent space from us, while Kristin’s time, expenses and income from that work are kept completely separate from FHC.

Businesswise, it’s simply a mutually beneficial relationship, as that work complements what we do here and helps people go deeper with the work of FHC. People who attend FHC may also be called by the Shematrix work, and some of our members have benefitted from both.

Financial Summary

If you have questions about any of this detail or if you would like to be part of the search committee for our new location, please contact Kristin at 630-334-5747.

Fundraising Efforts - Sept thru 12/12/17
Donations $14,906  
Rummage Sale $270

Susan Franklin, Barbara Osterdock

Savers $163

Chris Dryjanski, Laurae Kozlik,Wanda Lewis

Chantathon $340

Kayla Hancock

GoFundMe Page $575

Anthony Desmond

FHC Fest $530

Yolanda Lozano, Kayla & Practitioners

Beauty Bollywood & Beyond show $100

Theresa Puskar

Akashic Record Day $375

Betty Giannopoulos

Heart Healing Workshops $125

Yolanda Lozano

Awakening Course $838

Kristin Panek

Office Meditations $600

Kristin & Frank Panek

Paypal Giving Fund $517

Meals on Monday Nites (amts included in "donations" above)

Jacob Raibley, Christine Bedalow, Carla Martinez, Madel Jones

2018 Calendar Sales (under way)

Chris Garbacz

________ ________ ________
Current Total Raised $19,340

Thanks to ALL!

Huge thanks to the FHC Board for all of their support and their individual contributions: Marielee Macapagal, Todd Simec, Beth Gordon, Christine Bedalow, Kayla Hancock and Frank Panek. Also, huge Gratitude to Community Members listed below who ran these events for the community, and also to all the people who supported them!

May all your efforts and generousity return to you a hundredfold or more!

For more info, Contact Kristin at: kristinpanek@gmail.com